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PDF copy of our JC Maths Tuition Schedule for 2016.

Call Rafiq at 97389843. is managed by Sufique Math Tutorials, which seek to provide specialized JC Maths Tuition to help A Level students excel in the examination. At our JC Maths Tuition Bishan centre, we provide GCE A Level Mathematics Tuition for H1 Mathematics, H2 Mathematics students and IB Mathematics programme for Year 3 to Year 6 students.

JC Mathematics Tuition

In our JC Mathematics Tuition Bishan branch, students will be provided with extensive JC Mathematics Notes prepared by our Bishan Mathematics Tuition tutor to make their preparation for their A Level examination more systematic and organized, ensuring that they are able to score for the A Level Mathematics examination.

June Intensive Revision 2016

Sign up for our JC Mathematics 2016 June Intensive Revision for JC1 Mathematics and JC2 Mathematics students at our A Level Mathematics Tuition Bishan branch. Starting from May 2016, our specially designed classes prepare students for their upcoming Mathematics examination. Call JC Maths Tutor, Mr. Rafiq Tan, at 9738 9843.


Find out more about our former JC Maths students’ testimonials and sign up now for JC Maths Tuition at our A Level Mathematics Tuition Bishan centre.

JC Mathematics Notes

JC Maths Notes written by our JC Maths Tutor. Sign up now at JC Maths Tuition!

JC Maths Tuition Bishan – Vignette of Math I

JC Maths Tuition – Vignette of Math (I) by Sufique Math Tutorials Issue : Tackling the Square-Root Function related integrand by the simple standard form. Theorem :  eg What is currently being taught by most jc math teachers to tackle a similar/identical problem: By means of intellectual observation, allude the integrand at hand to a […]

JC Maths Tuition Bishan – How to pick a good math tutor and jc math tuition program

JC Maths Tuition Bishan HOW TO PICK A GOOD MATH TUTOR OR/& JC Math TUITION PROGRAM by Sufique Math Tutorials For the longest time now, in the landscape of schools and students in Singapore, it is no longer news that many school students are steeped in the practice of engaging a private tutor outside of […]

JC Maths Tuition Bishan – The Key Ingredients to a Solid A for the A Level H2 Mathematics Exam

JC Maths Tuition Bishan SUFIQUE MATH TUTORIALS THE KEY INGREDIENTS to a SOLID “A” for the A-level H2 Math Exams *KNOWLEDGE of necessary CONCEPTS/THEOREMS (& then some) & of TECHNICAL TOOLS viz the gc. *COGNITIVE APPLICATION of KNOWLEDGE via acquisition of comprehensive familiarity with problem types & best/alternative work methods to tackling them. *”BEAT THE […]

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