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JC Maths Tuition Bishan – Vignette of Math I

JC Maths Tuition – Vignette of Math (I) by Sufique Math Tutorials Issue : Tackling the Square-Root Function related integrand by the simple standard form. Theorem :  eg What is currently being taught by most jc math teachers to tackle a similar/identical problem: By means of intellectual observation, allude the integrand at hand to a […]

JC Maths Tuition Bishan – The Key Ingredients to a Solid A for the A Level H2 Mathematics Exam

JC Maths Tuition Bishan SUFIQUE MATH TUTORIALS THE KEY INGREDIENTS to a SOLID “A” for the A-level H2 Math Exams *KNOWLEDGE of necessary CONCEPTS/THEOREMS (& then some) & of TECHNICAL TOOLS viz the gc. *COGNITIVE APPLICATION of KNOWLEDGE via acquisition of comprehensive familiarity with problem types & best/alternative work methods to tackling them. *”BEAT THE […]