Bishan Tuition Centres is part of Bishan Tuition Centres, which is a region-based eLearning portal that enables students and parents to seek out exam-driven JC tuition programmes. Students can improve their learning by accessing the available online resources contributed by, like the written articles in the Education News, to create a wholesome learning experience.

JC Tuition

Bishan Tuition Centres offers JC tuition classes by that impart students with the skillsets and knowledge to excel at the A Level examinations. Also, the teaching content is updated consistently to meet the shifting exam requirements in the recent years.

JC Math Tuition

Students can sign up for the JC Math tuition programmes held at the featured centre to develop the skills proficiency and achieve their desired grades at the A Level Math tests and exams. During the classes, students will undergo topical enrichment, which refers to in-depth coverage for every chapter in the Pure Mathematics and Statistics & Probability themes.

eLearning Portals

Aside from Bishan Tuition Centres, is also featured in other eLearning portals, which are categorized into level- and subject-based portals, like JC Tuition Singapore. These online platforms are part of the education hub, known as SGEducators, which connects the disparate centres together.


Bishan Tuition Centres is a versatile platform for learning as it encompasses features to enhance the knowledge accumulation experience of JC students. In preparation for the A Level examination, students can watch the educational videos, revise concepts via the apps and read insightful articles on the Education News column. Learning should be made easy and enjoyable at the same time!

Videos features videos that are instructional to facilitate conceptual understanding in the study of A Level Math topics, like Complex Numbers and Sampling Distribution. Videos are effective as they provide an alternative approach to understand the significance of Math concepts and its applications in the real world.


Information relating to can be assessed from the Bishan Tuition Centres app, which is available for download on the AppStore and Google PlayStore. Within the app, students can browse through the latest educational articles and information about the upcoming tuition programmes.

Education News

Be informed in the recent shifts in the education landscape at the pre-tertiary level by reading the articles by at the Education News column. There are relatable titles, like the discussion of the latest A Level Math syllabus for JC1 and JC2 students and exam-smart studying strategies to employ for revision.

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