Class Schedule

Updates on the upcoming lessons.

The centre offers both Secondary and JC Math Tuition programmes to prepare students thoroughly for the GCE O and A Level examinations respectively. Browse the class schedule to find out more.

JC Math Tuition

Be ready for the GCE A Level.

The following features the regular tuition for JC 1 and JC 2 students. The duration for each lesson is 2 hours.

JC1 & JC2 Mathematics Tuition

JC Math Schedule

Secondary Math Tuition

Ace the GCE O Level examinations.

The schedule below features the regular lessons for Upper Secondary students. The duration for each lesson is 2 hours.

Upper Secondary Math Tuition

Secondary Math Schedule

Struggling to catch up?

Join our Crash Courses to revise productively.

Crash Courses

Covering the essential topics.

We also provide holiday revision booster class for students to catch-up with their academic work as well as provide refresher for students on topics that are commonly tested.

JC Math Tuition

Review the topics that you have learnt at school to be prepared for the Prelim and GCE A Level Math examinations. Receive study notes and attempt a wide range of questions to be ready.

Secondary Math Tuition

Get ready for the Prelim and GCE O Level Math examinations by joining this revision programme. We cover complex questions to broaden your scope of study.

An organised way to learn.

Join our Math Tuition now.