JC Tuition Singapore

JC Tuition Singapore is a level-specific eLearning portal to aid students at the pre-tertiary level to excel at the examinations. The process is carried out through the conduct of JC tuition programmes held at tuition centres, like JCMathsTuition.com.sg, which is focused on the cultivation of keen observation and systematic thinking, such that students will become cognizant of the essential components to ace every question.

Tuition Programmes

JC Tuition Singapore features tuition programmes by JCMathsTuition.com.sg that are instrumental in building up the knowledge of JC1 and JC2 students as they gear up for the year-end examinations. The classes are organised into regular tuition, which are held weekly, and intensive revision, which are conducted during the school holidays for exam preparation.

JC Math Tuition

Students who register with JCMathsTuition.com.sg will explore the intricacies of A Level Mathematics with the tutor as they seek to comprehend the critical aspects of every chapter, like Vectors, Hypothesis Testing and Permutations & Combinations. During the tuition programme, students can pay attention to the tutor demonstrations to understand the optimal thinking and answering processes that should be emulated at the examinations.

GCE A Level Syllabus

JC Tuition Singapore features a syllabus section to help students of JCMathsTuition.com.sg in understanding the exam requirements. During the tuition programme, the tutor will piece together the disparate parts to derive the implications of the changes in the exam trends and updates of curriculum to prepare students for the exam adequately.

A Level Math Syllabus (9758/8865)

Students can either study H2 Math (9758) or H1 Math (8865) at the A Level, such that both versions have two overarching themes, namely Pure Mathematics and Statistics & Probability. Within each theme, there are topics like Complex Numbers, System of Linear Equations and Binomial Distributions.

Learning Portals

JC Tuition Singapore is part of SGEducators, which is a centralised education network that brings together students, parents and tutors from different levels and parts of Singapore. Students of JCMathsTuition.com.sg can find out more about other A Level subjects at SGEducators and the available JC tuition programmes at Bishan Tuition Centres and other eLearning portals.

Education News

JC Tuition Singapore features an Education News section that lists articles contributed by JCMathsTuition.com.sg to aid students and parents in their desire for excellence at every step in the educational journey. These articles feature different topics, like the subject-specific answering techniques to solve math problems.

Career and Academic Guidance

JC Tuition Singapore offers support to students of JCMathsTuition.com.sg, even after they complete their A Level examinations. As these students move on the tertiary education and career preparation, it can be a daunting process due to the lack of credible advice. Therefore, this eLearning portal contains a trove of insightful information and tips offered by tutors who will share their advice on the key considerations when selecting courses and the career prospects.

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