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JC Maths Tuition runs Sufique Math Tutorials program and strive:

  • to provide a clear vantage to the path of scoring “A” for the H1 and H2 Math A-Levels Mathematics Examinations.
  • to make the learning of A Level Mathematics a non-mystifying exercise via developmentally clarifying practice.
  • to battle-harden students’ proficiency and efficiency in responding to questions during tests/exams especially at the A-levels.
  • to remedy learning features frequently skipped, missed or misinterpreted during the regular school curriculum.
  • to provide customized program for home-schooled or self-schooled students taking the A-levels as private/independent candidates.

To achieve our stated strivings,

  • we provide a fully contained set of lessons/revisions-cum-notes/tutorials to be disbursed in a step-wise, systematic format towards the A-levels.
  • we will customize our lesson flow to sync with the student’s school’s flow of the (mathematical) syllabus wherever necessary and possible.
  • we have thoroughly researched, to create the said tutorials so that they are comprehensive, covering more than the modal scope of question types encountered by students in tests/exams.
  • we provide students, still at the fundamental stage of learning, with the “learning stage” tutorials which contain developmentally ordered set of simple to challenging questions which the student can easily review and revise on an autonomous mode thereafter.
  • for students at the advanced stage of learning, seeking to hone their “kill-shot” ability during exams, we provide “revisionary hot-house stage” tutorials which contain even more challenging questions that sharpen the students’ analytical and procedural skills and psychological strength during the exams.
  • we will illustrate the various methods, frequently possible but often skipped or perfunctorily taught in many school’s curriculum, to tackling exams questions and coach the student according to his/her strength.
  • we provide pre- or/& post-session consultations where students can bring their own queries which eat into their daily peace of mind and sleep.
  • Miscellaneous queries are also attended to, complimentarily, pre/post-session or/& online viz on WhatsApp.