Teaching Activities

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“Learning Stage” sessions:

  • Students taking JC Maths Tuition will be informed of the scope of learning points in each topical session.
  • Each learning point will be explained, illustrated and then practised (with a range of simple to challenging question types) with supervision to ensure full and proper learning, and avoidance of idiosyncratic errors before they set in permanently.
  • Further questions will be given for self practice (at home).
  • Consultations prior, during or/& after session and on WhatsApp will be attended to. (Queries of consultations need not be relevant to the topic of the session)

“Revisionary Hot-house Stage” sessions:

  • Students taking A Level Maths Tuition will be exposed to more challenging, exam-styled questions in a randomized fashion to stimulate analytical and procedural skills.
  • JC Mathematics Questions will be tackled individually with initial attempt by students followed by illustration of qualitative peculiarities of each question (type) and the best/better exam-oriented method to tackle them.
  • Whenever appropriate, time constraint simulating exam pressure will be incorporated.
  • Students’ response to questions will be supervised and checked for correctness and idiosyncratic errors with recommendation of remedial action/s by the JC Maths Tutor.

“Post-prelims Actual A-levels Preparation” sessions:

  • This phase of JC Mathematics Tuition revision programme is actually a series of a particular type of hot-house practice sessions where questions tackled are the challenging types but purely from past A-level papers.
  • There is a misguided belief amongst large swaths of students that the actual A-level Mathematics examinations will be easier than their preliminary (math) exams. While empirical evidence seems to bear out this belief in terms of quantity, it should be noted that at each A-level Math examination, the examiners have strategically pocked the question script with intriguingly challenging questions of a particular flavor such that they posed not just a mathematical challenge but also one of time management and mental strength.
  • Many a student who was thought to be a guaranteed A-grader had fallen prey to this folly of under-estimating the A-level math exams and achieved a mediocre B or even C grade as a result. This phase of A Level Mathematics revision strives to train the student to tackle such questions proficiently and sustain or even build further on their mental stamina and strength after their preliminary exams.