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Law Hong Yee

Math classes with Rafiq had been nothing short of enjoyable. He constantly inspired me with his passion and dedication to the subject and his students. Rafiq never failed to amaze me with the lengths he would go to help students grasp challenging concepts. Through him, I have learnt to solve complex problems with simple and logical solutions. Lastly, more than just a tutor, Rafiq’s approachable self makes him a treasured friend.

Law Hong YeeACJC Class of 2012

Mr Tan is very patient, competent, and sincerely cares about each and every of his student. He is always more than willing to stay back after class time to address additional queries from students. He is also a mentor to me and taught me many life lessons, which helped shaped me to who I am today.

I would not have enjoyed A level Math so much if not for Mr Tan. Thank you Mr Tan!

Boon TiongRJC Class of 2010 Attained A for 2010 A Level Mathematics Examination